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          Sand Ridge Great Danes   
We are a small family breeder located in Southeastern Ohio. We currently have four great Danes (three active and one retired) and they are first and foremost our pets. They are inside dogs that all have exemplary temperaments. They truly are gentle giants.
We at Sand Ridge Danes have a preference for the "European look" in a Dane. This is a stockier build, a more square head with droopier eyes and lots of lip. You will also notice in browsing our photos that we also breed for the heterochromia gene (One blue eye and one brown). We occasionally get pups that exhibit this trait as well.
We breed our dams only one time a year- at most. The puppies are raised under foot, in our home. Socialization begins the day they are born. Our goal is to produce healthy, well rounded pet puppies. We aim for all of our pups to go to good, stable, long lasting homes. Check out our about page for more information on our breeding policies.

Puppies are here!!! We are proud to announce a beautiful litter of eleven born February 18,2014 to Izzy and Ebby! Pups are ready now! Check out the whelping box for photos of the puppies who are still searching for their forever homes!